Professional training – your first step into a successful future!

We are strongly committed to professional training, as well-trained apprentices mean promising junior staff. With a diverse training programme, competent trainers and generous employment conditions, we ensure that motivated young people are given an optimum start in their professional lives.

Apprenticeship taster days

Apprenticeship taster days help young people to narrow down their career choices, and give training companies an insight into the strengths and personalities of potential trainees. The serious planning and implementation of taster days is therefore highly important to us.

An apprenticeship at the Grandhotel Giessbach

The responsibles of formation at the Grandhotel Giessbach transmit the necessary knowledge, social skills and self-responsability. They push the development of character of the young and help provide a successful start into the worklife.

We care about an education in cooperation: Trainees, parents and instructors know each other and work together towards the goal of a successful appresnticeship.

The Grandhotel Giessbach provides the following formations (only in German!):

  • Koch EFZ / Köchin EFZ
  • Hotelfachfrau/-mann   EFZ
  • Restaurationsfachfrau/-mann EFZ
  • Fachmann Betriebsunterhalt Hausdienst EFZ

Have you spotted your dream job? Then please send your full application including certificates and references to:

Grandhotel Giessbach
FAO Milena Roth
Head of Human Resources
3855 Brienz