Energy Spot

Welcome to the biggest wellness complex in Switzerland!

Find this statement a little on the bold side? Absolutely – and we gladly stand by it. Discover 220,000 square meters of gardens, greenery and the Giessbach Park.

Take a deep breath. Take the plunge. Meandering paths to magical nooks. Quiet and spirit, serenity and soul. The delights of simply wandering, drawing breath, building castles in the air. Look outward, look inward. Fresh Alpine flavours, sweet floral scents. The verdant canopy above; the spray of the Giessbach Falls below.

Nature, plants and animals with a thousand faces. Culture. Travel in time through 200 years of eventful tourism history at the historical hotel residence in Giessbach.

Map of 220'000 m2 Wellness, Wundern, Wandern (691,5 KB)