The Old “Ländte” and the Mooring Stage

An initial mooring stage for row boats was situated to the right of the old “Ländte” (landing stage); this was the site of the mooring spot for “La Belle Batelière de Brienz” ("the beautiful skipper of Brienz"), Elisabeth Grossmann (1795-1858), who was one of the best-known skippers. The first steam ship, “Matti”, which operated in the 1840s, also moored here. The mooring stage had a covered shelter, and guests had to climb the path to the hotel on foot. Porters were helpful when it came to transporting luggage; individual guests could also be carried up the slope in a sedan. In December 1999, storm Lothar damaged the supporting walls of the old “Ländte” and tore a large hole in the ground. Today, a set of concrete steps is situated at this point.

With the boom in boating operations and construction of the Giessbach funicular railway, the current “Ländte” was set into operation. The hall was already equipped with a toilet, a kiosk and a ticket counter serving the Giessbach funicular and the boats. A small worker’s apartment was also provided. A covered staircase lead up to the railway, and the station was bigger than it is today. During winter, two cars were set up next to each other; this required two adjacent tracks with a switch point in front of the wagon-house.

The current buildings, including the railway hall at the mountain station, all date from around 1947.