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A different sense of time

In many respects, we live in a fast-paced age. But at the Grandhotel Giessbach, the pace slow and time forms its own little bubble. The wonderful location, the water, and the views converge to form our genius loci, the protective spirit of place. At the Grandhotel Giessbach, the sense of time is different. It is deeper, more precious, more intense. Whether in your room, in the historical spaces, the library, or the dining rooms, the moment is to be savoured. Time is here and now, complemented by a range of culinary delights and a beautiful view of the depths of Lake Brienz to appreciate. Treat yourself to an interlude at this extraordinary spot.

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Internalise moments

A house full of history becomes the embodiment of the statement "no future without origin". You will depart from the Grandhotel Giessbach differently than you arrived: The atmosphere of the traditional Grandhotel, the furniture from the late 19th century, the embedding in nature that reinvents itself every year and breathes its own magic into the hotel with each season. Immerse yourself in this symphony of history and the present and take unforgettable moments home with you.

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«Time is here and now.»

The Giessbach Foundation

The non-profit Giessbach Foundation was established by Franz Weber in 1983. Its mission was to save from demolition this Belle Époque hotel—a historical jewel— today its purpose is to preserve this wonderful piece of local heritage, set above Lake Brienz, for the people of Switzerland and all its visitors from abroad. To be able to continue safeguarding this heritage in the future, the Foundation relies on subsidies. If you would like to learn more about the Giessbach Foundation, please click on the link below.

«No future without a past.»