Natural Pool

Nestled in the great Alpine outdoors

The huge advantage of an ecological swimming pool is that it functions entirely without chemicals such as chlorine. Many people complain of allergies and skin irritation in conventional swimming pools, all because of this substance. The water in our eco-pool is much softer and more pleasant.

A filtering system that circulates water through the metre-thick layers of granite in the regeneration zone ensures that the pool remains clean. The plants inhabiting the regeneration zone also absorb the nutrients contained in the water, thereby effectively reducing unwanted algae growth. Water tests conducted by the cantonal laboratory in other ecological swimming pools have consistently determined a flawless, germ-free water quality.

Water leakage from the pool is now a thing of the past; regular supplementation of the pool water is no longer necessary. The water temperature can now reach up to 25 degrees Celsius.

The pool is for hotel guests only.