Restaurant Le Tapis Rouge

The Restaurant Le Tapis Rouge hibernates...

The creative and innovative vegetarian and vegan kitchen of Florent Benjamin remains in our memories. We thank him and his crew for the fascinating and surprising dishes and for having delighted so many guests during this season. We are curious who will take over the Le Tapis Rouge for the upcoming season 2017 and will let you know as soon as possible.

Opening on 5 May 2017

Opened from wednesday to sunday.
Closed on monday and tuesday.

Le Tapis Rouge 2016 - «Art de vivre»

Vegetarian is an «art de vivre», a lifestyle! Under this motto the culinary art of our gourmet restaurant Le Tapis Rouge stayed vegeterian-vegan in the season 2016. For our longtime guests we had a special surprise: Chef Florent Benjamin returned and took over 2016 the scepter for the cuisine of Le Tapis Rouge! Guests were seduced and got spoiled by his classic French cuisine with Mediterranean flair. Florent Benjamin knew how to combine regional products skilled and refined- just for us interpreted as vegeterian-vegan. Le Tapis Rouge 2016 had a high culinary season! An experience for every gourmet!


About Florent Benjamin

Florent Benjamin did grow up in South West France, which is well known for their good cuisine and their high standards of their gastronomy in general. He is father of four beautiful children and a pationate roller hockey player. Our new LTR-chef de cuisine did already cook for and travel the whole world, from Israel to Mexico and last but not least Switzerland, where his journey lead to Giessbach as well. From 2001 to 2007 Florent Benjamin as the chef de cuisine of Les Cascades brought a smile to the faces of our guests. After seven successful seasons his journey continued: from Zermatt to Davos up to his own undertaking. Now the fairytale Giessbach has attracted Florent Benjamin once again and he returns in order to bring joy once again to guests from all over the world and to friends of vegeterian-vegan cuisine.