Walking & Bicycling

13 Walking route to the Lake 20min

Follow the path in 200-year-old footsteps! The powerful old dry stone walls bear witness to this. This walking route features splendid vantage points and peaceful spots on one hand, for example the old “Ländte” (landing stage), and on the other hand forceful sites near the Giessbach. To make your way back to the top, take the funicular for a leisurely ride, or climb the other side of the railway - sturdy footwear recommended. (30 min).

14 Lake shore to Iseltwald 1h30min to 2h

Romantic walking trail along the Lake, with no great differences in altitude. Mighty rock formations, trees bestowing shade. Picnic and barbecue areas are situated along the route. Not suitable for children’s buggies; bikes not permitted.

9 Waterfall round tour 20min

A classic route - and a must for every visit in Giessbach. This spectacular route passes behind the waterfall! The roaring power and beauty of these falls is quite simply breathtaking.

15 High trail to Iseltwald 2h

A wonderfully scenic route over mostly open land, well maintained trail, suitable for children’s buggies. Picnic and barbecue areas are scattered along the way. Ideal for bikes or jogging; also continues past Iseltwald.

16 Hiking trail to Schweibenalp / Axalp 1h15min / 3h

The great waterfall route! There’s a steep incline up to the Schweibenalp (1,100 m). This route requires hiking boots, and continues to the Upper Giessbach Valley or on to Axalp.

17 Hiking trail to Axalp via Bramisegg 2h40min

The historic Walserweg trail passes via the Bramisegg up to Axalp (1,535 m). Alternatively, continue to the lovely Hinterburgseeli (lake), on the famous Schnitzlerweg trail (another 50 min). Axalp can also be accessed by car or postal bus.

1 Gippi round tour 40+ min

Ascent to the hotel's private summit, the "Gippi" (759 meters above Sea). Views and benches inspire hikers since the eighteenhundreds. Eduard Schmidlin constructed the path for the first hotel guests. The stone stairs descending to the nursery from 1856 is a good witness. Good shoes recommended.

4 Discovery trail / Mountain route  

A trail for the adventurous. After the stone steps, the route branches off towards Engi and continues to the forest car park. A winding, overgrown hiking trail peppered with the remains of ancient dry stone walls. Caution: this route is not maintained (yet).

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